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Change Favicon in Power Apps Portals

In this blog post, I will walk through the steps to set your desired icon on a Power Apps Portal App.

Problem Statement

How to add an icon to the Power Apps Portal App? How to add an icon for all pages in Power Apps Portals? How to add favicon in Power Apps Portals? How to replace the default icon of a Power Apps Portal application?


To add a favicon, a web file can be added to the configuration. The name and URL of the web file make it identifiable.

A favicon should be of size 16*16 pixels. You can choose any file based on the desired branding designs.

Steps to follow:

1) Navigate to the environment where your portal app is located. Open the "Portal Management" app.

2) Select the "Web Files" menu from the sitemap.

3) Select + Add New.

4) Add the Name as "favicon.ico". Select the appropriate website and select Home as the parent page.

5) Set the Partial URL as "favicon.ico" and Publishing State as "Published". Save the record.

6) Add the icon as an attachment in the Notes tab.

7) Clear the cache. If you are an administrator, you can clear out the cache at https://<portal-url>

8) Now, do a hard refresh and the image should be added as a favicon.


In this post, we saw how to add a favicon/company branding in Power Apps Portals. This allows us to customize the application and make it more intuitive from a design perspective.

I hope this was useful to you. In case of any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me out on Twitter at @agarwal_ritika.

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