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Main Form for Power Apps Portals

In this blog post, I will walk through the steps required to manage main forms for Entity Forms in Power Apps Portals without having to show them in Model Driven Apps.

Problem Statement

How to restrict main forms created for portals from showing in model driven apps or Edit Record windows? How to manage more than 1 main form for an entity in Power Apps Portals?


To restrict the forms from showing at other places except for the Power Apps Portals, we need to update the security roles that can access the form. By default, when a form is created, it assigns form access to "System Administrator" and "System Customizer".

Steps to Follow:

#1: Select the solution and Switch to Classic mode. If your entity is not present as part of the solution, it is usually inside "Common Data Services Default Solution".

#2: Select Entity and Navigate to Forms.

#3: Select the form created for Portals and select "Enable Security Roles".

#4: Un-check all the security roles that are selected.

#5: Un-check enabled for fallback option.

#6: Save and Publish all the Customizations.


In this post we saw how to restrict the forms that are created for Power Apps Portals from getting displayed elsewhere. This allows us to manage multiple forms created for the application and only show specific forms when tried to edit data from Model Driven App or Entity's Data tab.

I hope this was useful for you. In case of any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me out on twitter at @agarwal_ritika.

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