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Show Data in Filter Dropdown - Entity Lists - PowerApps Portals

In this blog post, I will talk about the additional steps that should be taken to populate filter dropdowns in the Power Apps Portal App.

Problem Statement

How to show data in filters of Entity List? How to solve the issue of blank data in dropdowns on an Entity List in Power Apps Portal App? How to work with Dynamic lookup set in Entity list in Power Apps Portals?


To resolve the issue of blank dropdowns on an entity list, Entity permissions needs to be configured appropriately.

Use Case: In this scenario, there is a list of candidates from different countries and cities. This piece of information is displayed on a page and the UI should have filters for the Countries and Cities. Cities and countries are 1:N relationship to Candidates entities.

To have the page show choices in Cities and countries, the entity permissions can be configured by following below steps:

1) Navigate to the environment where your portal app is located. Open the "Portal Management" app.

2) Select the "Entity Permissions" menu from the sitemap.

3) Select + Add New.

4) Set the name to "Countries Permission" and select the entity.

Note: The name and entity can differ as per your use-case.

5) Select the appropriate scope.

Global: Shows all records. (We will use this in this case).

Parent: Shows records related to a parent entity permission

Account: Shows records related to current logged in user's account.

Contact: Shows records related to current logged in user's contact.

5) For populating data in filters on the entity list, the read priviledge is sufficient.

6) Web roles: This scopes which users are allowed to use the entity permission and see the records. This is required in all scopes except parent. Select the appropriate roles.

Repeat the same steps for all entities.

7) Clear the cache. If you are an administrator, you can clear out the cache at https://<portal-url>

8) Now, do a hard refresh and the filters should populate.


In this post, we saw how to populate data in filters on an entity list in Power Apps Portals. This allows us to apply filters to dynamic data from related entities.

I hope this was useful to you. In case of any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me out on Twitter at @agarwal_ritika.

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